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Neopets Help Hotline

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The Neopian Help Hotline
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Re Opened On November 15th

Here at Neopets_101, we will try to give you all of the Neopian 411 that we can.

Here, you can learn about How to do the Following:
  • Start a shop.
  • Start a guild.
  • Change your Neopian User Look up
  • Trade
  • Make Neofriends
  • Post on the boards.
    And Much more.

    You may join, post or ask questions at anytime.

    BUT Please Do NOT do any of the following Unless given permission by me or if I post that the rule has been changed.

  • Do NOT Scam others here (Or anywhere else for that matter)
  • Do not use unapropriate Language (Swearing) because Neopets is a family site so this is my one community where I will ask you not to swear.
  • Do not tease, make fun of or call others rude things.
  • Try not to talk about how many Neopoints you have because that could result in someone trying to scam you.
  • Do NOT give away your Neopets Password. (Or any other passwords you might have)

    I know... after that list you probably won't want to join.

    But think about this:

    The more people who join, the more people who can help you with your neopian problems. ::Smiles::

    If you're new, please fill this out and post it in the community:

    ~ Neopian Username(s):
    ~ Neopian Pet(s):
    ~ About how long have you been playing Neopets?
    ~ What are your favorite things on Neopets?


    I hope you make the right decision about this place. (That would be joining it and posting a lot.)
    Have a great day,night, evening, morning... ect.

    Brought to you by Gc4eva_89

    Copyright 2004 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission"