Marie? (shadtastic) wrote in neopets_101,

~ Neopian Username(s): puppyluv357 (not able to get into, also no parental permission), flooferz, nsyncfan94, naruforprez, narusaystntisbaka, mynameischibinaru, mmmmmmsteak (frozed due to my little thing to annoy TNT because I said "Homo Habilis" and they warned me)
~ Neopian Pet(s): ... um, lots?
~ About how long have you been playing Neopets? -checks puppyluv357- 33 months. Almost three years. Naru's a vet w00t!
~ What are your favorite things on Neopets? The boards (namely iEMS and RP).

Theres. ^^
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